Why Should I Choose AKUN?

Anytime, anything, and anywhere

online accountingRegular use of AKUN to record daily transactions helps reveal areas for improvement and identifies good practice. Like many businesses today it’s likely that your employees are highly mobile, creating a need to access and control financial data from wherever they may be. As a cloud-based system AKUN allows users to record and present data from anywhere, at anytime. Data is synchronized. Data entered by employees using office computers, for example, is directly accessible in real time from supervisors’ home computers via their mobile phone networks.

Easy and Practical

easy accounting software

It’s a common belief that accounting software is too expensive and too complicated. Indeed, the decline in the use of conventional software can be attributed to the rise of costly, overblown features, with their steep learning curves demanding perpetual training of accounts personnel. This is something we completely understand.

In fact, as a direct and deliberate challenge to the shortcomings of conventional accounting software AKUN was created to be a practical, user-friendly product, built from the ground up on the core design principles of simplicity and ease of use. Great efforts were made to ensure that this technology served the user and not the other way around — you simply record your daily income and expenses, then view the reports. Job done!

Perfect for individuals Communities and Entrepreneurs

personal accountingAKUN’s system is based on the familiar Cash Book format — a financial journal that can be re-processed to create an actual financial report. It can also help inexperienced users gain an understanding of how professional cashbook systems work.


Safe and Efficient

efectivity efficiencyAll AKUN financial data is stored in online servers. This means that your financial data remains at all times safe and available with a minimum of clicks — even if you lose your mobile phone, or your computer breaks down. Expenses and income transactions of any size are grouped in a variety of user-determined categories, making analysis easy.




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