english language   english language Online Cash Book, Sebuah Aplikasi Keuangan Buku Kas Online yang Mudah dan Praktis!

Online cash book for your business, personal, community, organization, and entrepreneur. Simple, easy, and free online bookkeeping to record and analyze your daily expense and income in real time.

Program aplikasi keuangan buku kas online yang sederhana untuk pribadi, keluarga, bisnis, organisasi, dan komunitas. Software keuangan gratis yang mudah untuk aplikasi pembukuan yaitu pencatatan pemasukan dan pengeluaran sehari-hari.

Online Cash Book for your business, personal, and organization!

AKUN is an online-based cash book application, it functions as a tool to record and analyze daily financial transactions. AKUN can be used by anyone. A new way to manage your personal, business, and organization financial.

What are the Benefits?

All incomes and expenses can be recorded practically only in a few clicks. Financial Report that comes with graphic will make it easier for you to analyze. AKUN can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Either using a computer or mobile phone, the data is always synchronized with one another. Employees can be asked to take notes in the office, while you at home can directly access the results, realtime!

How Does it Work?

AKUN is a cloud-based online accounting application. How AKUN works is the same like the website on the internet. You only need to access from your computer or install the Android and iOS application on your mobile phone. After registering, you can directly create cash books, specify the categories, and then record daily expenses and incomes.

Anytime Anywhere

Record & Analyze

Easy & Practical

More than "just" a personal cash book!


AKUN Online Cashbook, Aplikasi Keuangan Buku Kas Online

Easy to manage your personal finances,
organizations, and businesses Online Cash Book useful to suppress personal expenses,
knows the organization revenue, and gives a basic overview
of your business profit.

multi device online cashbook

The Most Practical Online Bookkeeping

Daily expense and income can be recorded in just a few clicks.
Manage debts and receivables, watch the installment and payment.
Can be used from anywhere, anytime, and through any device.
Reports include charts and can be downloaded.

online cashflow app

What is is a simple financial app to record incomes, expenses, debts, and receivables. The process is almost similar with ledger book that you normally use for personal, business, and organization.

Each transaction in grouped in categories as needed. From the results of the recording, this app will present a report containing the total income, expenses, and the balance.

How to use?

This bookeeping app is basically same as the normal website you access on the internet. can be used in three ways:

After that, you can simply Free Sign Up, create a cash book, and do the recording immediately. Once registers, your financial data can be accessed on all tools above. You only need to Sign In with your email and password.



multi cash books

Multi Cash Books

Create multiple cashbooks,
transfer from one cashbook to other.
Record income and expense
in several "money boxes" at once.

multi tools

Multi Tools

Create online invoices and directly send them.
Notes feature is also available to store
bills or anything that you want to be remembered.

multi users

Multi Users

Extra users can be created.
They able to record without have to know your balance.


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