Usage and Benefits of AKUN.biz

AKUN.biz is basically a financial app that can be used by anyone for whatever purposes. This accounting app can be used by individuals, organizations, or enterprises.

Some of the benefits, case samples, and how AKUN.biz is used in everyday life are as follow.


Micro and Small Size Enterprises

One of the problems often encountered in UMKM business process is the non-existence of a neat and organized financial record. Most UMKM still use manual note taking. But this method is not advisable because of its weaknesses, namely lost or destroyed data, and the risk of big margin of error. Another problem encountered in the […]


Resellers, Dropshippers, and Small Online Shops

Resellers, dropshippers, and online shops have currently become promising alternative additional income and can even be the main income. If properly and carefully managed, their sales turnover will soon increase. However, rising turnover must be accompanied by careful financial management. Unfortunately, this has been commonly overlooked by most resellers, dropshippers, and online shops. They are […]


Freelancers and Professionals

Freelancers and professionals typically have quite busy schedules, because everything must be conducted by themselves, including financial management. Hectic schedule and high mobility usually prevent freelancers and professionals from taking notes manually. This will result in missed financial transactions and inability to know exactly how much income and expenses they make. AKUN.biz is here to […]


Organizations and Communities

A good financial management has a very important function in the development of an organization or community. Each organization and community usually has a treasury who takes care of organization and community’s finance. However, many people avoid being appointed as a treasury because of various reasons such as feeling bothered by the tasks, not having […]

pribadi dan keluarga

Personal & Family

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the responsibility to settle various financial obligation? For example, the cost for home installment/rental, cost for children’s education, etc. You may be overwhelmed because of lack of good financial management, which prevents you from settling your obligation. If this happens regularly, your debt will be bigger. Financial record and […]

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