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A good financial management has a very important function in the development of an organization or community. Each organization and community usually has a treasury who takes care of organization and community’s finance. However, many people avoid being appointed as a treasury because of various reasons such as feeling bothered by the tasks, not having enough free time, lack of knowledge about accounting, etc.

AKUN.biz is an Online Cash Book that has the same principal as simple accounting. This application is very suitable for financial management of organizations and communities because it has complete and easy to use features.

By using Cash Book feature, users can create records of incoming funds and also expenses that have been paid by the organizations/communities. Users can also use this feature to create several categories in the debit and credit sections according to what the organizations /communities need.

Cash Book feature in AKUN.biz also acts like a Multi Cash Book, so that users can create several cash books that can be adjusted based on needs. For example, when holding an event or activity that uses outsourced fund or sponsorship, users can keep a record of this in a different cash book.

AKUN.biz also presents daily, monthly, and annual reports that are completed with easy to read graphics. Moreover, this reporting feature can also be downloaded and printed as a report for the head of organizations/communities, or during member meeting.

Each organization or community sometimes has saving & borrowing facility for their members. Cash book for saving and borrowing of members can be recorded in the account payable and receivable feature. The treasury will have better control and can easily monitor saving and borrowing cash flow of the members, therefore, eliminating forgotten debt of/claim on the members.

Furthermore, several organizations and communities  can seek for additional funding, either from renting or selling of products by members that will be paid to the organizations/communities. To facilitate sale or rent transactions, the organization will need invoices as legal proof of payment. The committee then can utilize e-invoice feature that has been provided by AKUN.biz.

Through this feature, the committee can upload the organization/community logos, fill out names of buyer/renter, details of sold/rented goods including quantity and price. Afterward, you can download and print the e-invoice and send it as email attachment to the customers. Existing e-invoice can also be used as archive that can be attached to the organizational/community report.

Each organization usually needs financial transparency, for both the committee and the members. This will not be a problem for AKUN.biz users because it has been supported by multi-user feature that enables users to add more users for taking records and monitoring. Additional users can be divided into different roles and given different access right, such as managers, supervisors, writers, read only, and custom. Users can freely assign roles and access rights for  additional users based on the needs of the organization/community.

Sometimes, hectic situation can make the committee forget little stuffs such as meeting schedule, social gathering schedule, etc. Realizing their busy schedule and high mobility has encouraged AKUN.biz to offer note taking feature that can be used to keep important memos. This feature can be written on, changed, and deleted anywhere and anytime. Users just have to login to AKUN.biz via laptop or smart  phone application.

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