Resellers, Dropshippers, and Small Online Shops


Resellers, dropshippers, and online shops have currently become promising alternative additional income and can even be the main income. If properly and carefully managed, their sales turnover will soon increase.

However, rising turnover must be accompanied by careful financial management. Unfortunately, this has been commonly overlooked by most resellers, dropshippers, and online shops.

They are usually too busy taking care of online business s that they forget to take notes of them. Whereas, lack of organized financial record will prevent business owners from knowing how much money that has been spent and how much profit has been gained.

Resellers and dropshippers can make use of all features in AKUN.biz to manage their finance. One of the main features in AKUN.biz is Multi Cash Book which will be very helpful for those who own multiple accounts or “money boxes”, such as BukaLapak Petty Cash, Tokopedia Petty Cash, Bank Mandiri, BCA, etc. Through this feature users can create multiple cash books at once and adjust them based on their needs. Consequently, the amount of one cash will not be mixed up with another. This also applies to operational costs in the process of running the online shops.

This Cash Book also allows users to add several categories that can be adapted based on needs, such as adding purchase of merchandises in the credit category and sale of product A and sale of product B as a debit category. Multi Cash Book can also be utilized  to create personal cash book, to separate personal finance from business finance.

AKUN.biz can also help resellers and dropshippers to look more professional in running their online business by using e-invoice feature. By using this, users can upload online shop logo, complete customer data, and also enter details of sold items, such as quantity of items, price per item, and total price that must be paid by customers.

E-invoice can be downloaded, printed, and sent directly as email attachment to customers. Furthermore, existing e-invoice can be a source of information when customers ask for refund or return of purchased goods. With this feature, users can find out exactly when the transaction happens and details of the item being returned.

Business owners who order merchandises by installment to suppliers can also find the Payable and Receivable Book feature as a helpful tool. By using this feature, users can better manage their account payable because they will be aware of the details of their debts and their due dates.

Moreover, business owners will also be aware of how much money their customers still owe them and can analyze whether their payment is on track or not.

AKUN.biz also provides reporting feature. You can find out your daily, monthly, and annually revenues. These reports present total expenditures and list of necessary expenses needed to conduct sales during the period of time.

Business growth will consequently make a busier business. Most of the times, business owners will hire more people to help with their online business. AKUN.biz has anticipated this by adding multi-user feature. Users can add several users based on their needs and appoint roles for these additional users, such as managers, supervisors, writers, read only, and custom. Each role has different access right, such as writers that can only enter inputs but cannot read the statement or balance.

Busy schedule is usually followed by high mobility. This has encouraged AKUN.biz to give out online notes feature. By using this feature, users can take notes as reminders or write future business plans. You can use this feature anywhere and anytime.


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