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One of the problems often encountered in UMKM business process is the non-existence of a neat and organized financial record. Most UMKM still use manual note taking. But this method is not advisable because of its weaknesses, namely lost or destroyed data, and the risk of big margin of error.

Another problem encountered in the UMKM business process is the possibility of mixing-up personal finance with business finance. The mixed-up petty cash will disable UMKM owners from having a clear understanding on the exact amount of income and expenditure of their businesses.

Through its features, AKUN.biz comes as the answer to these problems. Entrepreneurs can utilize Multi Cash Book that separates personal fund from business fund. In each cash book, UMKM owners can input debit and credit into different categories. These categories can be added and modified as needed, such as delivery fee option, material purchases, etc.

Besides functioning as a cash book, Payable and Receivable Book can be utilized to monitor the amount of debts/claims and their due dates. Therefore, there will no longer be unsettled debts or claims. The Payable and Receivable Book can also be used to keep an eye on employees’ debts. This will be very helpful in monitoring the amount of money lent by employees and their pay cut every month.

AKUN.biz also offers e-Invoice feature that can be utilized to create online invoices. Business owners can upload their logos , complete their customers data, total payment, then they can download, print, and send the e-Invoice as email attachment to their customers. This feature will be very helpful for business owners when they are trying to bill their clients.

With more business activities to take care of, there comes the need to have more employees that can be trusted with financial management. AKUN.biz also offers multi-user feature that will be very helpful when a business owner appoints a specific employee to input financial data.

Business owners can add several users at once, such as managers, supervisors, writers, read only, or custom. Each user can be set-up to have different access privilege. For example, writers can only input data but cannot see the balance and statement. Therefore,  financial privacy will always be maintained.

Another added feature is Online Notes. This feature is useful for taking notes such as memos. Online Notes is more practical because it can be created anywhere and anytime. Users can write down important telephone numbers, account numbers, marketing strategies, business plans, etc.

After having a neat and organized notes, business owners surely would like to have a report that can summarize all transactions. To support this, AKUN.biz is completed with Daily, Monthly, and Annual Report that are completed with readable graphics and can be downloaded in Excel or PDF formats. These reports will help monitor and analyze business growth.


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