About AKUN Online Cash Book

personal finance management

AKUN is financial application with useful features such Cash Book, Cash Report, etc. Improve your personal finance, doing your money management with easy. AKUN is a product from Gravis Design, a web and app developer team.

AKUN in the beginning was an online application that we used to record income and expense. Operated in a few different places and pretty high mobility forcing us to make a simple online recording system for income and expense that could be accessed anywhere we were. Yes, many accounting app out-there is too expensive and too complex (even for programmers like us),  they may said “Quick” and “Easy”, but they are not really quick at all and we must spend times to learn how to use it. While at the same time, we also have business and code-scripts that needs to do.

That’s why we create a simple app by and for our-self. We used this application privately for almost three months to record and analyze our team’s data transactions. And then after a small discussions, we thoughts to share this mini web-app to be used by people around us emerged, just for a little help if they got same problem with us. We then named in Pepeku. At the same time, we shared this app to a few friends on Facebook too. And, less than 24 hour, only by from mouth to mouth, there had been more than 100 users who signed up and used this web-app.

This surely made us cannot underestimate this ‘toy’. We should take advantage of the available resources to keep this application online and reliable, no matter how much its users are. The first step we took was fixing the server performance, and then created a homepage, fixed the appearance, and added necessary features.

This app grew rapidly, we had thousands users in first months even though without any paid efforts or paid advertisements at all. Most users came from word of mouth, social media sharing, and of course search engine.

Then we created a more professional new service. We rewrote the codes on that app, translated them into English, and added new features. And then, here’s the website and service that you are using right now, AKUN! A web service that replaced the whole service on Pepeku since early June 2016. In the future, we want to make AKUN becomes a “digital assistant” for its users. We will keep innovating to add more features on AKUN.


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