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New Tools: Online Invoice

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Today we proudly introduce the new feature on AKUN personal online accounting: e-Invoice. You will see this “e-Invoice” link under Tools group menu in our apps.  e-Invoice is online tool for creating Invoice in PDF file format. You can download then print it. You can also directly send it as email attachment to your customers. We […]

AKUN: Free Financial Accounting for Everyone

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Hello World! 😀 Today we would introduce AKUN, an online aplication based on financial accounting, functions as a Cash Book to record your daily expense and income. With AKUN, you can take notes, analyze, even share your accounting journal and daily financial transaction by online and realtime. AKUN is a simple application. AKUN can be […]

How to keep your small business’ financials organized

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Starting your own business can be intimidating, but once you get it started and it starts growing, you will see that owning a business can be amazing. Most important thing is that you keep everything organized, especially your finances. Here we will share with you most useful tips on successfully running your business and finances. […]

Learn Everything About Bookkeeping And Its Function in personal finance

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Bookkeeping is an essential part to the personal finance that you have worked so hard to create. Bookkeeping is a way to merge heaven with earth. It is a way to manifest your dreams in physical form and give them a body/vessel to hold them in. Bookkeeping is based on two basic principles. One is […], the Pepeku Reborn!

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Sebelumnya kami sebagai pengembang Pepeku mengucapkan banyak terima kasih kepada seluruh pengguna dan pemerhati Pepeku. Seperti yang sudah kami beritakan sebelumnya, baik di media sosial maupun melalui aplikasi Pepeku itu sendiri, bahwa kami akan menutup layanan Pepeku dan menggantinya dengan aplikasi yang lebih baik, yaitu Beberapa bulan yang lalu, kode Pepeku kami tulis ulang, […]