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Overview Accounting is one of the basic components to a business. It will reflect the performance of a business, that is, whether it’s making losses or profits. Additionally, business owners will be able to project future cash flows using the information provided and will serve as a credible source that will substantiate for your successful […]

AKUN Features: Debts and Credits Book

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Starting in August 2016, provides a new feature, which are the Debts Book and Credits Books. These books is only currently available in the online version (, but soon will also available on Android and iOS versions. This new features can be accessed in the Debts & Credits menu group. This is the basic […]

The Benefits of Online Accounting

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Bookkeeping for little organizations can be hard to keep up and oversee amongst the numerous different needs that accompany maintaining your own particular business. It is frequently seen as a dreary undertaking in spite of the fact that it must be done consistently keeping in mind the end goal to screen the execution of your […]

Basic Principals of free accounting and Personal Accounting written

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personal accounting, you adjust your checkbook to note any charges in your financial records that you haven’t recorded in your checkbook. Some of these can incorporate ATM charges, overdraft expenses, unique exchange expenses or low adjust expenses, in case you’re required to keep a base equalization in your record. You likewise adjust your checkbook to […]

Free Accounting Software, An Introductory Guide

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Here I provide tips and information on what to look for with a free accounting software package, and what to avoid. I will also provide overviews and reviews of free packages on the market. Why is the software free? Absolutely the first question that you should ask. there are many reasons for giving away free […]