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Cash Book Reset

published July 3, 2018 views 3,282 device All Devices device All Users

Cash book reset can be done during financial note taking in AKUN.biz app. This means that all records of finance that have been taken can be deleted with one step without any trace. Therefore, please make sure whether you really want to reset the data or not.

If you are not sure, uncertain, or feel doubted, we suggest not to reset the cash book.

Here are some steps to Reset a Cash Book

  1. Go to AKUN.biz app in your browser or smartphone app, and login
  2. Select “My Account” menu
  3. After it is opened, scroll down on your screen, or if you use a browser, please look on the right side
  4. You will see a sentence in lower case letters that says: “Reset Cash Book”
  5. Click that sentence and you will receive a question: “Are you sure you want to reset the cash book?”
  6. If you are sure, please select “OK, continue”, but if you are not certain, please cancel that step


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