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Cleaning Cache, Cookies, and History

published January 1, 2018 views 634 device All Devices device All Users

The steps to clean cache, cookies, and history should be conducted regularly especially when you are using a gadget as the main device that is rarely turned off. Just like human, the brain of the device will experience fatigue and thus creating many obstacles that can slow down its thinking process.

As any other problem dealt with devices that are connected to the Internet, sometimes AKUN.biz operation has problems because of a lot of caches or history. Therefore, we also provide a guideline to clean caches, cookies, or history in your devices, especially for operation using smartphones.

Cleaning up caches, cookies, and history in the web-browser starts with a search for menu navigation preference button, and it is a similar process with smartphones.

  1. Open our smartphone
  2. Please select setting menu
  3. Find Apps menu and select it
  4. After it is open, select AKUN.biz app
  5. You will see clean up button

Hopefully, after the clean-up, the app in your smartphone will run smoothly again.

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