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Downloading and Printing a Statement

published January 1, 2017 views 2,341 device All Devices device All Users

To download a statement, whether daily, monthly, or annually, the steps will be similar to downloading and printing any other pages. To download it by opening AKUN.biz in a browser, please access https://www.akun.biz/apps by using your laptop or computer (not cell phones). Then, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the page that you want to download and print
  2. If you want it to be more rigid, please first open the statement page, such as by all categories
  3. Please look on the upper right part, there will be a download icon , either into PDF or Excel
  4. The downloaded PDF file can be directly displayed on a web browser or in a file. This depends on the browser configuration that is being used
  5. If it is displayed on the browser, please click “Print” button on the computer toolbar
  6. But if the downloaded version is a file, please open it first by using PDF app (such as Adobe Reader), and then print it

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  1. syukron says:

    hasilnya tidak sama dengan tampilan sebelum diunduh, letak PENGELUARAN DAN PEMASUKANNYA

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