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Cash Book Transfer

published December 16, 2016 views 5,138 device All Devices device Premium Users Only

‘Transfer’ is used to transfer balance from one cash book to another. For example if you have two cash books which are ‘wallet’ and ‘bank account’ and if you withdraw money from ATM, means you are transferring money from bank to your wallet. In this example, ‘Transfer’ can be used to record the activity.

Transfer feature only available for Premium user because it needs two or more active Cash Books.

How To Transfer Among Cash Books

  • Go to Cash Book menu. Choose Cash Book you will use to transfer
  • Click “Transfer


  • Then enter Amount you will transfer
  • Choose from which cash book and to which cash book the money will be
  • Enter Description (optional), then click Save


Edit Transfer

To edit/change data for transfer, click Edit button on the right side of the transfer column that about to be edited.


Please edit/change the said data transactions, from date, time (hour and minute), amount, from which cash book its description. Then click ‘Save’ to save it.


Deleting Transfer

To delete data on transfer, click Edit button in the right side of the income column that about to be edited.


Click ‘delete’ button to erase data you desired.


6 responses to “Cash Book Transfer”

  1. Andra says:

    Can i transfer Cash book from other account?

  2. Din says:

    Bagaimana cara merubah akun bank dan nomer rekening di akun biz?

  3. Erwin H says:

    Bagaimana cara ubah jenis buku kalo kita salah input?

    Misalnya saya sdh input 5 item di buku kas Bank 1 tetapi seharusnya saya inputnya ke buku kas Bank 2.
    Apakah bisa diedit jenis buku kasnya langsung?

    Atau saya hrs input lagi 5 item yg sama di buku kas Bank 2 kemudian menghapus 5 item yg sdh diinput di buku kas Bank 1 sebelumnya?

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