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Gadget Data Refresh

published January 1, 2017 views 1,411 device All Devices device All Users

The initial and simplest thing that can be done when encountering problems in internet use is to refresh and restart. Refresh has the function to refresh the system software or the device software, while restart is restarting the software system and also the hardware.

The steps mentioned above also applies to AKUN.biz app with the Cloud system. This means that the first mitigation that can be done during problems is to refresh and restart your device.
To restart your device, you should consult the guidelines provided by the vendor where you bought the device. We can only support you with refresh steps that are usually taken for the operation of AKUN.biz.

Refreshing AKUN.biz on a Web Browser

You can refresh AKUN.biz app on the web browser by taking steps as when refreshing other applications on the web browser. First, we can press F5 or Ctrl F buttons (based on the available keyboard). The second method is by pressing the circling arrow symbol on the tool bar. Please see the picture below.

Refreshing AKUN.biz on Android App and/or iOS

Besides web-browser operation using laptops, tablet, or desktop computer, AKUN.biz can also be operated using smartphones by installing the app on Android or iOS. The steps below can be conducted to refresh AKUN.biz app on your smartphone.

  1. Highlight the navigation menu
  2. See the bottom part, there will be two circling arrows
  3. Please click the symbol and wait for a moment
  4. You have refreshed AKUN.biz app

2 responses to “Gadget Data Refresh”

  1. HARPITON says:

    Saya tidak bisa login di pc

    • Perihal tidak bisa login melalui PC, kami telah menindaklanjuti dengan melakukan pemeriksaan pada AKUN yang Anda kelola. Dan semua berjalan lancar tiada kendala.

      Karenanya, mohon sekali lagi, bersihan cache, cookiec, pun history pada PC yang digunakan, setelah itu restart PC. Bersamaan dengan itu pula, mohon restart (modem) jaringan internet yang digunakan. Apabila memang masih terkendala, mohon dicoba menggunakan browser lain yang juga sudah dibersihkan cache, cookies, pun history-nya.

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