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Multi User

published January 2, 2017 views 1,022 device All Devices device Premium Users Only

In a team, institution or company, they usually have more than one admin, as well as financial manager team. That is why, at AKUN.biz we provide facility so you can add other users to access account that you created.

These additional users have different role which are Manager, Supervisor, Writer, Read Only and Custom. Every additional user can access your account by log in/sign in as usual , the way you log in normally. Every additional user cannot open group menu ‘Setting’.

Below is a list of access difference amongst each additional user.

Custom Role Explanation

Custom Role is different with other additional user’s role. You can manage Additional User’s role function manually.

Creating Additional User

  • Open menu on the left side. Choose Multi User
  • Choose Create Additional User
  • Enter name, email and password of Additional User.
  • Choose one of roles for Additional User
  • Save

Editing Additional User

  • To edit additional user, you can choose Edit on Additional User List
  • After done editing, choose Save

Deleting Additional User

  • To delete additional user, please click Delete on the Additional User List
  • There is a pop-up, choose “YA” for deleting Additional User List.


4 responses to “Multi User”

  1. zendi says:

    Apakah tingkat writer dibataskan maksimal?ataw bebas jumlahnya?

  2. rino says:

    saya masih bingung cara login untuk pengguna tambahan. apakah login menggunakan email akun asli? atau login menggunakan email dan pasword akun tambahan? sedangkan saya tidak bisa menemukan menu login pengguna tambahan

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